This honestly is my favorite time of the year! Yeah yeah the holidays are great..and yes all that food is good..which reminds me I need to get my butt to the gym...but the thing I look forward to all year long are the year end Mashups. It's like a Christmas, New Years, and Birthday present to my ears all in one track. In my opinion there are really only two who's production and skills far out way the competition. Dj Earworm and Daniel Kim .

Earworm has been mixing and mashing with not only musical chart toppers from the past year but he cuts up the music videos that once apon a time was all over MTV, when they actually still played Music Videos. Here is 2015 greatest hits in under 6 minutes.The United States of Pop 2015

Daniel Kim threw his name in the Mashup game back in 2012 when his "Pop Danthology" went viral and the views started coming in. I feel like Earworm's video production is a bit superior,  but this "newbie" can mix like no one else. Sit back and enjoy 2015's Pop Danthology Versions 1 and 2 mixed with all of your favorite Mix 106 artists. And then you tell me what you think. How wonderful is this time of year!!! - JD The Producer

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