Valentine's Day will be here sooner than later. I noticed that we went into full-blown "love is in the air" mode right after Christmas. So, are you feeling the buzz?

I'm kidding because there is always a battle against commercialism on Valentine's Day. I say just have fun and enjoy things rather than overthink. Let's go video speed dating! This one is for the singles.

You would think this isn't anything new considering there is a dating app for every type of date. I'm not aware of any woman I've spoken to that actually likes dating apps. Guys love them and women complain about them. So, let's try video speed dating.

This is a Boise speed dating event through a new app called, Filter Off. This is the first-ever video dating service that I've seen available and you have to love the title. Everyone complains about a filter on social media that cleans up your appearance. This one takes that away with the in-person meeting event.

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This way you get to meet someone and see what they really might act like. It's easy in photos, texts, and direct messages. Do a speed date online and this might give you a bit more insight into the person. Plus, wouldn't that be so much fun?

The best part is the 90-second rule. You have 90 seconds to connect and make a decision. So, you get to swipe in a real person. Just put your personal feelings aside and don't worry about it. This way you get to say, "That's okay buddy, bye Felicia!"

Just promise me you'll report back with your outcome. Link below and good luck.

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