More than 100 different crash calls came in this morning when we all woke up here in the Treasure Valley to some heavy snow that not only was sticking good but continually coming down hard right in the heart of rush hour traffic.

According to KTVB 91 of the wrecks reported were in the Ada County area which also had more than 20 slide offs, 30 stalled vehicles and nine hit and runs.  Yeah, that's right... NINE people hit someone because their vehicle was sliding out of control and they just took off.

Thumbs up to Canyon County who only had 13 accidents reported, 14 slide offs and one hit and run.  Only one crash resulted in injury so the positive here is at least people were not hurt.

School was in session and after what we went through last year, why not?  I mean we got hit hard so this should be a cake walk right?  Wrong.  Multiple school busses ended up in ditches or slide offs which took a lot to get them back on track including one that was full of students and slid off into a pole on Victory Road and Lindsay Avenue.  All students and the driver or o.k.

Our plows have been hard at work cleaning up the freeways and main roads first and bit by bit we're able to move more than 3 mph while cruising our Treasure Valley streets but please be careful driving home tonight.  Temperatures are low which means ice and dangerous conditions on some roads.  Leave early if possible, turn your lights on and drive cautiously.

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