Planes vs. Trains from Boise to Vegas

Picture how exciting it would be if Boise FINALLY got a direct train route to a top-choice vacation destination like Vegas! It would be a major game-changer for Boise-area locals on so many levels.   

A direct line from Boise to what Idaho's Pacific Islander residents call the "Ninth Island" would provide a much-needed alternative to flying.

It may be a popular means of travel, but flying isn't for everyone. Let's be honest: some folks don't find the skies as friendly as others. They get airsick and anxious, while others have an aversion to cramped, stuffy airplanes, ridiculously undersized and uncomfortable seats, and the dreaded TSA security checks.

Hopping aboard a train from Boise to Vegas would mean skipping those headaches and enjoying a relaxing trip with beautiful views and room to spread out.

We'll take cheap travel over a staycation any day.

For a lot of us, affordability is a make-or-break vacation factor. It's the difference between staying home for yet another summer and an exciting other-than-Idaho-adventure.

Plane tickets can be pricey, whether planned well in advance or at the last minute. Theoretically, travel by train would be more budget-friendly, especially for Idaho families, making a spur-of-the-moment trip to Viva Las Vegas more affordable and accessible. No layovers, no weather delays.

And how fantastic would it be to not have to break the bank for a fun weekend getaway or a mid-week adventure for you and your brood?

Boise, we have arrived!

Consider how awesome this would be for Boise's connectivity to the rest of the world. For a long time, Idaho's been somewhat isolated. Heck, there are folks out there who still think we're Iowa (SMH).

This new link would highlight (and validate) our place on the map. It would also make the journey between these two dynamic cities more convenient than ever before.

It could be great for Boise's burgeoning economy, creating new opportunities for business and tourism, creating more jobs, and attracting more national attention. It would be a 360-win.

But we're not the only ones with big thoughts and feelings about a train route from Boise to Vegas. The locals in the gallery below have plenty to share about what it would mean for them, their families, and Boise's Treasure Valley communities.

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