Today is National Hug Your Cat Day, and yes it is a weird and obscure holiday.  It could also turn into a viral challenge trying to get in a good squeeze before the cat squirms away. 

If you've got a cat that will cuddle with you on the couch all night long I'm a little jealous.  My cats will rub up against me a purr, and then plop down on the ground for a minute and beg me to scratch their bellies, and then they're off again.  It might have something to do with their age because they're both just a year old and haven't outgrown their playful streak yet, or it could be that in general cats don't want to be cuddled with too much.  Kinda like human Virgos. says the best way to celebrate the holiday today is to "scoop your regal cat right off the ground and snuggle the heck out of it until it feels the love."  Sounds like a paw in the face waiting to happen, but it's worth a try.  The fail could make your social media followers very happy.

Other ideas for ways to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day include volunteering at a kitty shelter or inviting your cat-owning friends to the house for a big kitty party.  It could be the best catnip potluck ever.

And you thought this was just an ordinary Tuesday!  Attempting to hug cats sounds like a great way to keep the kids off the screens all day.

June is National Adopt a Cat Month too.  Just see if they'll let you hug 'em first.

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