You know you want to see Flo Rida, The Band Perry, Austin Mahone, Sean Kingston and Hey Violet when they perform at the 8th annual Boise Music Festival - but do you know what ticket suits you best?

Here is a list of everything you need to know regarding all Boise Music Festival ticket options:

The Cool Zone

The Cool Zone is a special reserved area for guests 21+ who purchase an upgraded ticket. If you love being up-close with the Boise Music Festival talent but also enjoy having some space - the Cool Zone is for you. Located stage right, the Cool Zone has a tented area so you can get out of the sun, along with seating and easy access to Budweiser beverages! Each ticket to the Cool Zone includes admission to Boise Music Festival, access to the Cool Zone and two drink tickets.

Boise Music Festival

Pit Passes

If there's an artist you NEED to see up close and personal, the Pit Passes are for you. Every year we offer a limited amount of tickets for both the right and left hand side of the stage, where guests can enjoy having the best standing room in front of the stage. The best part? You don't need to worry about being smushed! Since there's only a limited amount of tickets sold, everyone has a spacious amount of room right in front of the stage. Whether you're obsessed with Austin Mahone or want to have Flo Rida in your selfie - the Pit Pass tickets are your front-row guarantee!


Carnival Passes + Wristband

When it comes to the carnival, you have three options. The best value is purchasing the Carnival combo pack. The Combo Pack features a carnival wristband which allows you to have unlimited access to the attractions AND a general admission Boise Music Festival ticket. These are the best value when purchased at least a day prior - but are still discounted day-of. You can also purchase just a carnival wristband which is especially useful if you have little ones in your party who don't need a ticket for Boise Music Festival. Finally, you can purchase tickets individually if there are a limited amount of rides you want to go on - and those are available in front of the carnival.

You can purchase all of these tickets on our ticketing page HERE!

BONUS: If you're 21+ and want to check out our cool zone, enter below for your chance to win a pair of admission to our Cool Zone! Good luck and we'll see you at Expo Idaho!


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