As of right now, there are only 16 seats left for the Bachelor on the Big Screen Finale Viewing Party on Monday, March 13 at Northern Lights Cinema Grill!

If you want to be a part of this fun event, you will want to reserve your seat now before it's full! This is a free event, however, there is a $5 reservation fee online that will be available for you to use towards food and drink purchase at the venue. Get dressed up with your girls or bring your man, it's going to be a blast!

After this Monday night's episode, we should know who the final two women will be. Will it be Corinne? Vanessa? Raven? We do know Rachel is the new Bachelorette, so she should be eliminated in the next episode.

I have to say, I was not a fan of Nick's prior to this season of The Bachelor. I considered not even watching this time. I'm so glad I did and he has grown on me a lot. I'm not saying he has always made the best decisions, but I think he genuinely wants to find love and I like that he isn't afraid to show his sensitive side.

Whether you like Nick or not...or your pick for Nick already got the boot, you'll want to be out our finale party! Have dinner and drinks inside the theater (there's a full menu of food, plus beer and wine!)

Plus, you won't be bored sitting through the commercials. We'll be giving away prizes the entire show. You can win prizes like date night packages, wine, beauty products, and more! Then, after the final rose has been handed out and the show is over, someone will win a DIAMOND ring from Jensen Jewelers!

So get your seat reserved HERE now!

And someone PLEASE show up in a shark costume! LOL



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