Did you know that there's a full-on ostrich farm in Kuna?! Yeah random, right? Apparently, that ostrich farm is looking to be one of the leaders in producing ostrich meat in the U.S. Yeah, I didn't know that was a thing either.

According to Boise Weekly, Alexander McCoy began the farm six years ago. Why did he start it? While training for a marathon in South Africa, McCoy tried ostrich meat and loved the taste, he tells Boise Weekly that it's comparable to really high-quality beef. After doing some research, he found that ostrich farms are really sustainable and not a big industry in the U.S., so he decided to try it for himself leaving his banker life behind.

He started purchasing birds from around the country, and according to Boise Weekly grew his American Ostrich Farms to the 120 acres it is today and has a staff of eight people, including an ornithologist and chef.

AOF recently was selected by restaurant chain Chipotle for their Chipotle Aluminaries Project which provides mentorship through a seven-month program for founders of companies focused on raising livestock ethically.

Although AOF is already working on some restaurant partnerships, there is a way that you can try out the meat for yourself. You can head to their website, AmericanOstrichFarms.com to order steaks (which are red not white like other poultry), ostrich oils (for medicinal and cosmetic purposes), soaps, even ostrich dog treats! Soon you might even be able to buy some ostrich jerky and leather too.

If that wasn't cool enough, Boise Weekly reports that all of their products "ships in fully recyclable packaging."



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