Season two of The Mandalorian from Disney+ is right around the corner. It begins streaming on the platform October 30th. The return of the show has been much anticipated among fans mainly for one reason - "The Child." It's been a little over a year since the baby Yoda phenomena first began. The world was truly not prepared for all of the cuteness or joy he would bring to our lives. Maybe baby Yoda can save the rest of 2020. He's exactly what this world needs.

Baby Yoda is not the first nor only green baby to come along and steal our hearts though. How could we forget the baby Grinch?! He only appeared in a couple scenes from the 2001 film starring Jim Carey but he sure did make an impression, at least for me. I've always been obsessed with baby Grinch. He's got the biggest eyes and the chubbiest cheeks, so damn cute! And then I became obsessed with baby Yoda just like everyone else did. I'm literally sipping from a baby Yoda coffee mug as I'm typing this.

I am posing this question to the public: Who is cuter? Baby Yoda or the baby Grinch? If you ask me I really hate to choose between the two. I would honestly adopt them both! Baby Yoda is obviously the sweeter one  but he does have his mischievous moments here and there. That's nothing compared to baby Grinch though who literally bit Santa's off on a cookie plate. You tell me! DM me in the Mix 106 app or comment on Facebook - baby Yoda or baby Grinch?

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