Dreary Days & Mondays

Sitting there, waiting for the light to change at Cole and Fairview, the dreary weather made for a drab traffic scene. It was a Monday like any other before he caught my eye.

On days like these, I usually rely on people-watching to liven things up. Unfortunately, the driver to my left was an uninspiring mouth-breather with zilch to lend my imagination. Drat. A frickin' eon had passed since I rolled to a stop at one of Boise's busiest intersections.

As I teetered on the edge of a grown-up tantrum, the light finally turned green. That's when the man of the rush hour appeared.

Cloudy With a Chance of NEON

Like a disco ball in a dairy barn, his neon roller skates caught me totally by surprise. This guy was a ball of energy! His smile alone could've powered the Boise grid in a thunderstorm. Every other driver around me was rubbernecking to get a good look at him. Honestly, I bet you would've, too.

MoOoOoOoOoves Like Jagger

But wait, it gets even better! Homie. Had. Moves. Like, "moOoOoOoOoOoves like Jagger!"

Did you just sing that like the Maroon 5 song? You did?! Hey, bestie, heyyy!

Hand to God, this guy was dance-skating his way down Cole's sidewalk like he was a finalist on Dancing With the Stars! And I totally would've voted for him! His smile was so captivating that I didn't even notice if he had earbuds in. For all I know, our eight-wheeled friend was jammin' and cruisin' along to his soul song.

Oops...Well, Almost

Except for the car that pulled out from behind Axiom and almost hit him, everything about the scenario was awesome. As traffic sped up, his image faded away in my rearview mirror, and the moment was over.

To the man in the neon roller skates on Cole, you were mine and so many others' sunshine on a cloudy day today. Thank you, and never stop being your wonderful self.

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