Passenger Bikes: what are they?

Did you know 35% of citizens age 70 and above face serious mobility challenges? According to the National Library of Medicine, "mobility limitations have been associated with increased fall risk, hospitalization, a decreased quality of life, and even mortality." Combined, the CDC reports these factors can lead to extreme loneliness/social isolation. What, if anything, is being done to address the heartbreaking issue?

The Blessing Bike

Enter: The Blessing Bike! Founded in 2018, the Blessing Bike is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides affordably-priced passenger bikes for persons facing mobility issues related to age, health, or differently-abledness.

Founders Wade and Jill Houser created the chariot-style bike at the request of 92-year-old Rosemary Sorce. Sorce's family said she hoped the bike would make her "final season on earth a little more meaningful and enjoyable." By the looks of it in the photo below, indeed it did.

Facebook // The Blessing Bike
Facebook // The Blessing Bike

How to Acquire a Blessing Bike

Because each one is custom-made, Blessing Bikes cost $1,599 to produce before any potential donations are applied. If you are interested in acquiring a Blessing Bike for yourself or for your loved one, click here.

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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."
-Winston Churchill

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