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Facebook Fights: Episode 2 Young-ins is A Blessin
Episode 2! It's here, and after last week the suspense was killing me. This week we dive in to the realm of those blessings, called Children. Enjoy The New Mix Morning Show's take on Facebook Fights.
Want to have your Facebook Messages, Posts, or Comments acted out? Sen...
Episode 1: Facebook Fights With Mike and Nicole
Facebook has now made everything that we do public to anyone's eyes when ever they want. Just a click of a button and you can get a snapshot, or sometimes  more of your best friends, spouse, co-worker and even a strangers life. The New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole are sa…
The Mix Morning Show Celebrated National Peeps Day
I really thought I could handle this. The Peeps Challenge or Chubby Bunny. Today being National Peeps Day the New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole told me to get my big boy pants on and throw down. Let's just say....I did it. I can't promise it was a great showing but I did it...
Not So "Fair" Or "Balanced"
Last Friday, The New Mix Morning Show was offered an interview with Secretary Hillary Clinton.  We accepted, it aired, and there seems to have been some confusion.  Especially from Fox News.