A Look Back At BMF [Photos]
I don't know about y'all, but I am still buzzing from the aftermath of Boise Music Festival. midway through the week now and I just want to go back lol.
Flo Rida Performance Pics
Thank  you all for coming to the 2017 Boise Music Festival!
There were games, there were DJs, there were friends, and of course there was live music!
This event could not have happened without the support of all of YOU here in the Treasure Valley...
Austin Mahone M&G Pics
If you were lucky enough to snag a pair of meet & greets with Austin Mahone, you will find your pictures RIGHT HERE!
This was Austin's first performance at the Boise Music Festival and the fans went CRAZY! If you took pictures with or of Austin Mahone during his time at the Boise Music Festival -…
Get Your BMF Tickets Today
It's finally here, the 2017 Boise Music Festival, today from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Music, food, cold drinks and fun....if you haven't got your BMF tickets yet, there is only one way to get them now...and that's at the gate today at Expo's all your options:
This Song by The Band Perry Will Make You Live Better
This is one of those songs that hits you right in the heart and makes you hug your kids a little tighter and think about all the times you didn't smile at the checkout lady.  It's good!
And don't miss The Band Perry playing it Saturday at the Boise Music Festival.

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