Jeff Goes Flying Over Boise
No doubt, you've heard us talking about the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic happening through Sunday at Ann Morrison Park.
I was one of the lucky ones who was allowed to go for a balloon ride this morning.
This was not an experience that I expected to complete in my life...
See When Black Is Not So Slimming
You know what they always is slimming?  Well I'm proving that wrong today.  I felt good leaving the house....saw myself in the windows of an office building...and didn't feel so good after that.
Proving that black isn't always so slimming...
Beyond Homless...I Am?
We've talked about homelessness and the impact it can have in our communities and society.  It's interesting if you spend time engaging with those who now live on the streets...most of them didn't start out there...and most of them seem a lot like us...

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