Idaho and specifically Boise spent a lot of time at the top of real estate lists around the country. It seemed like everyone and their brother and their sister and their in-laws were moving to the Treasure Valley in 2020 and 2021 and even into much of 2022. There has been a noticeable slowdown in the housing market in the Boise area and this updated survey is proof of that.

Work and Money says, "The hottest real estate markets at the end of 2022, as reported by, just may surprise you."

They collected a list of the top 15 Real Estate markets in U.S. Cities expected for 2023 based off of the big changes and the trends for the end of 2022. You won't Believe where the Boise area ranked. Let's take a look at the top 15 according to the study by Work and Money.

15. Boston-Cambridge-Newton, Massachusetts/New Hampshire

14. Springfield, Illinois

13. Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana

12. Springfield, Massachusetts

11. New Haven-Milford, Connecticut

10. Dayton, Ohio

9. Worcester, Massachusetts

8. Topeka, Kansas

7. Fort Wayne, Indiana

6. Hartford, Connecticut

5. Columbus, Ohio

4. La Crosse-Onalaska, Wisconsin/Minnesota

3. Burlington-South Burlington, Vermont

2. Rochester, New York

1. Manchester-Nashua, New Hampshire

You know where Boise ended up on the top 15 list? NOWHERE! We are no longer on the top list of places people are moving to!

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