Idaho law enforcement rocks. 

From Boise to Sandpoint, Idaho cops are among the finest and kindest in the nation.

Want proof? Check out the State of Idaho Medal of Honor Commission's website. Its archives are brimming with stories about LEOs who distinguished themselves with extraordinary acts of valor.

In 2023 alone, five Idaho cops were awarded the Medal of Honor. From rescuing a kid held at gunpoint, to saving civilians trapped inside a sinking car in a body of water, their stories are awe inspiring.

The majority of 911 calls have nothing to do with crime.

From fireworks and abandoned cars to dogs gone rogue and noisy neighbors, one source reports 62.6% of 15.6 million 911 calls across nine states in 2021 were noncriminal. The same source found that less than 3% of 911 calls made in those states had "no clear safety concern and officers [were] not required by law to make an arrest."

It sounds to us like people have grown accustomed to treating the police like glorified counselors with firearms. As if that weren't bad enough, some people call the cops for even dumber reasons. And by call, we mean drunk dial.

Can you call Idaho cops for a ride home if you're drunk?

Yes. Do we recommend it? Hell no, we don't! While we haven't found a single statute that explicitly criminalizes the act, that's not a call we'd ever dare make.

We do, however, know of several situations where cops in Star and Eagle were kind enough to help inebriated locals with a sober ride home. To that end, it's important to note that the drunkards called Ada county's non-emergency line to ask for help, and the cops didn't have to do them the favor.

If you ask us, just because you can ask local LEOs for a sober ride home, doesn't mean you should. They're not your Uber or your momma, and your failure to plan ahead like a responsible adult isn't their problem.

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From Idaho to Timbuktu, no one enjoys being pulled over.

Seeing those flashing red, white, and blue lights appear in the rearview mirror sucks. If you're us, it also always happens on our crappiest days. Come to think of it, that's probably what had us speeding in the first place.

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