There is officially a shortage happening across the country with my favorite drink of all time. Dr. Pepper is just the latest victim of the pandemic hitting grocery stores.

You thought it was just going to be things that killed bacteria and germs right? Nope. We need to eat and drink. It looks like Dr. Pepper is a favorite and that's what people are drinking right now.

Soda consumption has been going up over the last four years according to Keurig Dr. Pepper.

Rest assured we're working with our local distribution partners experiencing low inventory levels in certain markets to meet this increased demand, and we encourage every loyal Dr. Pepper fan to continue checking their local retailer for their favorite varieties"

It also looks like people like drinking in cans more today than yesterday. Aluminum cans are the rage right now! I was really wondering if it's just the smaller cans that have people drinking more? It seems like you see slimmer cans to put that 100 calories on the side. Works for me. I personally think it's the Prince style commercials if you're asking. My listeners would show up to the station to drop off Dr. Pepper in previous years just because they knew it was my favorite. Oh, don't try to please me with Mr. Pibb. Stop!

I don't think we need to go out and by up the aisles like on toilet paper but beware. Might want to keep an eye out. If it's trending on Twitter watch out!


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