Know someone who just got on the eclipse bandwagon, and are now trying to find a hotel to stay in here in Boise or across Idaho?  There are rooms available, but they're going to cost big money.

I heard a few people talking about coming to Idaho for the eclipse when I was in Washington this weekend, and it seemed they had just made the decision to get in on the action.

That's fine and good, and they are welcome to our Gem State, but man are they going to pay.  Out of curiosity, I started looking into what rooms were going for, and checked out a few online sources too.

Many cities, especially the smaller towns in the 100% totality zone are complete sold out.  In fact, there are many places where rooms aren't available at all.

But I found a story from KSL TV in Salt Lake City that was really interesting.  They had focused on Eastern Idaho and Wyoming, and the results are amazing.

Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls are both great areas for the view, but prices for a very average "Motor Inn" were going for $500 per night.  In fact, that seems to be a value price as the average for moderate chains (think Motel 6 or Value Inns) is around $700 per night and require multi-day stays.

Rental cars are hard to fine, reasonable hotel rates certainly seem to have disappeared, and this point, the once in a lifetime viewing of the eclipse is going to be a pricey proposition.  At least unless they have someone in Idaho willing to open their home for free.


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