While McDonald's is widely known for its Big Macs and Happy Meals, the corporation places a major emphasis on sustainability, local charity, and affecting community change. This could be great news for the town of Star, Idaho.

In 2021, McDonald’s USA and its suppliers in the U.S. donated over 10.1 million pounds of food from suppliers and distribution centers – worth more than $13.1 million – to support local charities and communities. —McDonald's Corporation


McDonald's: Affecting Local Change in Boise

The Idaho Ronald McDonald House in Boise is a community stronghold. The 47-room, 40,000 square foot House provides families of disease afflicted children with:

  • 24/7 family services
  • warm and cozy sleep accommodations
  • hot meals
  • supportive care and compassion
  • and any additional resources they require to focus on their child's Boise-based medical care.

For a tour of Boise's Ronald McDonald House, click here. To learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities, click here

Star's quickly developing McDonald's on State Street and Taurus Way could bring welcomed opportunity to the town. A 2021 article published by Where Women Work makes a strong case for the benefits communities reap when McDonald's comes to town. The group contends that where McDonald's goes, job growth, inclusion, and empowerment follow. To learn more, read their article, McDonald's Feeds, Fosters and Cares for the Communities It Serves.

The Benefits of Working for McDonald's

Before looking into the State Street build, we failed to appreciate the McDonald's compensation program. Star's new hires can look forward to an impressive array of benefits that include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life insurance
  • 401k
  • Target Incentive Plan (TIP)
  • Long Term Incentive Plan (LTI)
  • Sabbatical programs
  • Three weeks of vacation, five holidays, and paid sick/personal time
  • Flexible scheduling and work arrangements
  • Summer hours that follow a compressed work week that ends early on Fridays
  • Wide selection of work attire to suit your comfort and your style

The concerns of a large corporation moving into a small town are nothing to scoff at. People have opinions that matter and a history with their hometowns no one can challenge. In this instance, however, it appears the McDonald's Corporation could be a great thing for the town of Star.

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