What do you crave?  I crave carbs, and cheese, and red wine.  I SO should have been born in Italy.  I could, literally, eat an entire loaf of Zeppole bread by myself...in one sitting.  As you can imagine, the foods I crave do absolutely nothing for my waistline.

Although I have tried to convince my doctor that he should actually prescribe red wine for me for "medicinal purposes" because it's been shown in some studies to be beneficial to your heart.  He told to drink some grape juice because it does the same thing.  Still have to read up on that.

Since one of my goals in the Weight Loss Challenge is to stop giving into my carb cravings and find substitutes, I have to find out what my triggers are for these cravings.  One of the suggestions from the St. Luke's team has been to keep a food diary and to write down not only WHAT I'm eating, but WHY I'm eating. Am I eating because I'm hungry or is it due to emotion? Of course, sometimes my why requires a Freudian understanding of psychology -- but usually it's simple: I'm tired, angry, lonely or bored.

I've been trying over these past few weeks to limit the times I'm eating for emotion and focus on eating when I'm hungry.  I'm not always successful, but I'm at 75% which is 100% better than where I was.  Good luck to you all!