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The COVID-19 Symptom You May Be Ignoring
Every time I sneeze or cough I worry a little inside. Do I have the dreaded coronavirus, or is it just seasonal allergies. I've researched the symptoms associated with COVID-19, but a young woman from Boise who has tested positive for the virus says her first symptom was one you may not expect.…
How Are You Handling Public Interactions?
It's interesting, this whole Coronavirus thing. Some people are scared to death of it and some brush it away and say it's ridiculous, but with the polarizing views on things, how do you handle public interactions like this one?
My Daughter is A Hoarder... Maybe I am Too
My daughter is a hoarder and I don't know what to do about it. She's 11-years-old and every time I try to throw away a piece of paper, or the cupcakes she made a week ago, or some McDonald's toy from 3 years ago, she has a total meltdown. Did she get this from me? My boyfriend says &q…
The Lack Of Toilet Paper In Idaho
Despite the fact that there is a toilet paper factory in our state, the toilet paper hoarding at the beginning of this pandemic has created a perpetual problem. I got to the bottom of it (ha), and found out WHEN the best time to make a T.P. run is!

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