If, halfway through 2015, your New Year's resolutions have all but fallen through, surrogate ornery gym coach Shia LaBeouf is here to whip you right back into dream-achieving shape.

The actor, who dazzled Sia fans as lead in the singer's "Elastic Heart" video, recorded a a 30-minute clip called #INTRODUCTIONS as part of a Central Saint Martins Fine Arts project (you can screen the whole thing on Vimeo). Somewhere between a motorcycle-themed monologue and a tear-stained statement on self-hate, though, LaBeouf channels a takes-no-crap football coach in the thick of a pregame speech. Once the segment found its way to YouTube, the internet readily welcomed the actor as its new favorite drill sergeant.

"DO IT!" the actor begins the video above while striking a pose generally reserved for tribal warfare. "JUST DO IT! Don't let your dreams be dreams."

LaBeouf continues to stare down the camera while delivering potent doses of tough love, and if you're not any more inclined to seize the day by the message's end, you might just be made of stone.

"Some people dream of success, while you're gonna wake up and work hard at it!" he insists. "Nothing is impossible...what are you waiting for?!" Well, we certainly know where we'll turn for our next installment of morning affirmations!

Feeling ready to take on the world? Ready to toss out your 5-hour Energy inventory? Check out the clip and, like Shia says, GET TO WORK, ALREADY!

Shia and more celebs' gym routines:


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