This is definitely an odd situation but only for Idaho. I was looking around on Sunday night at something mindless online when I came across a mystery ambulance.

There is a lookout for a random ambulance driven by regular people that have been subscribed as suspicious.

I've always wanted an ambulance for station vehicles because it's just pretty cool. Some of our friends own one from Detail Doctor and that's my favorite. This one is different because it's an ambulance and looks pretty shady. This didn't happen in Boise but a few hours outside which means it could have passed through or here now.

This all happened in Bingham County on Sunday where some guys driving an ambulance were asking locals what they thought it. The people were concerned and called authorities. Unfortunately, the guys were gone the time the Sheriff arrived and haven't been seen since.

This is pretty fresh and that's all the information that's been posted by the Idaho State Journal. If you see this ambulance just call the Sheriff's Office (208) 785-1234.


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