This story just broke on KTVBThe Canyon County Sheriff's Office is down one vehicle, have a deputy with a bloody, nose, and one man finally in custody.

Last night officers approached 27-year-old Erik Ivan Enriques who had several warrants out for his arrest for domestic violence along with other charges.  Enriques took off and the chase was on.  When the deputy pursued Enriques through the intersection Marketplace and Midland boulevards the deputy struck a black Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.  The deputies vehicle was totaled as you can see and so was the Tacoma.  The driver of the Tacoma was immediately transported to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and his condition is unknown at this time.  The deputy will be fine.  He suffered a bloody nose.

Other deputies picked up the high-speed pursuit eventually catching Enriques when he jumped out of his vehicle and started to run at the intersection of Chinden Boulevard and Ten Mile Road.

Enriques has been booked into the Canyon County Jail where he'll face all previous charges plus charges of felony eluding.

When you dig a little deeper you start finding more and more on this guy.  Enriques was once involved in an escape attempt from the Canyon County Jail and that attempt ended up with one of the deputies getting injured.

We're hoping and praying the drive of the Tacoma will be alright.  No word on who that is yet but we know that a Treasure Valley family is out there today hoping and praying for the same.

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