I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am to hear that Seattle is now going to be the 32nd city to have a team in the National Hockey League. It was announced today and without even knowing the team name I am already a huge fan.

While growing up around Seattle it was always something that was missing. We had the Mariners for Baseball and Seahawks for Football. While I was disappointed when the Seattle Supersonics left, I was never a huge NBA fan. Probably because I was never very good playing the sport. But finally Seattle will be adding an NHL team which is so exciting for all hockey fans.

I grew up watching minor league hockey and always enjoyed the games but even now at 32 years old I have never seen an NHL game in person. So, whether it requires a trip to Seattle for the 2021-2022 season or maybe see the Golden Knights in Las Vegas before then. This is such exciting news for all Hockey fans in the Northwest! Learn more about Seattle's new team by clicking here.

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