The 12th Man was deafening again on Sunday at Centurylink Stadium in Seattle. (Just ask our own Jeff Connell.  He was there!)

USA Today says the Seahawks are doing something right, and have one of the best stadiums in the NFL. See if you agree with the #1 choice.

USA Today says The Seahawks stadium is relatively small — tied for 24th in the NFL with seating for about 67,000.  But what it lacks in size it makes up for in noise with the, "acoustic-booming aluminum and architectural parabolas that reverberate sound."  The sound quality of the stadium plus rowdy and passionate fans make it hard on opponents, and the environment is usually good for a couple of visitor false starts each game. The noise usually helps the Seahawks win, but apparently the Carolina Panthers weren't in on the memo on Sunday.

The Seahawks have a Thursday night game this week against the 49ers in San Francisco.  Levi's Stadium in San Francisco ranks 18th on the USA Today list, in the bottom half, and that's mostly because it's so far away from the city.  It's about 42 miles away, and if it weren't for the distance, USA Today says it would be near the top, right up there with Century Link Field.

Lambeau Field in Green Bay is ranked #1, and Soldier Field in Chicago is the worst.  Click HERE to see the full list.

And go Seahawks!

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