Here I am minding my own business excited about cool inflatables for float season on the Boise River, taking our kids to Discovery Park and that 4th of July is almost here. Ahhh, Summer is back.

That's when I came across Jon the scientist with his expert opinion on why moving to Boise sucks. Jon is an M.S. in Physics & Chemistry at the University of Chicago. This Masters of Physics isn't a fan of Boise or Idahoans (that's an understatement).

Why Do You Regret Moving to Boise?

Yes, I hate it here.

The people who say they like it here are the type of people who are u intelligent and superficial in my opinion.

The cost of living is high and keeps getting exponentially higher each year. The job market is atrocious. I came from Chicago Illinois and when I came here I immediately noticed the people are very different. In Illinois, if I'm standing in a line at a convenient store for instance, I can talk to someone behind me as if I've known them for a while...II can crack a joke, of I do this in Boise I'm met with an awkward response. People here are also very superficial, fake, shallow...I can always tell when someone isn't from Boise by their personality and when I mention this to them they agree, they say they have noticed the same thing.

Quickly, does this sound like Idahoans to you? We'll let Jon continue.

The outdoor life is often mentioned when people say Boise is a great place to live. I beg to differ. There are foothills and mountains, but they are covered in tumbleweeds, sagebrush and dead brown grass. There are paths you can hike, but it's hot, dry and dusty. How exciting. 

There is a river running through town, but that's not unique to Boise. Jumping into a river gets boring fast. There is a ski resort an hour away which is nice...But it gets terrible snow and switches owners every two years because they lose so much money from terrible weather. 

Keep going Jon, You're on a roll!

Wildlife? In Illinois I had cardinals, blue Jay's, owls, deer, snakes, frogs, toads, cicadas buzzing at dusk, fireflies etc etc. In Idaho know what I see in my yard? Brown finches. Maybe a magpie or two...a squirrel. That's about it.

The traffic is atrocious. Besides potatoes Idaho is known for its bad drivers. People here are clueless. The small town small mind mentality still seems to plague this place. 

We're atrocious, only have one squirrel, can't drive, terrible snow and have small mind mentality...what else Jon?

The biggest problem is the future seems bleak for young adults...There's nothing here. A small amount of good jobs are taken. There's way too much competition. Most people I know are still living with their parents in their mid 20's even if they're married. 

Are you Happy Jon?

I'm very unhappy here. Entertainment? There's a movie theater. Outdoor life? Other states have everything Idaho has and more.

Like I said, there's a certain personality that does well here. These people tend to be unintelligent for lack of a better word...They don't discuss interesting topics. They don't seem to realize how boring Boise is.

I've live din Florida, Illinois and spent a few years in North Carolina. I've also traveled to California...

Is This a Real Boise Post?

Yes! I accidentally came across this guy on and felt compelled to share. I'm also sorry we're really clueless. I would also like to check out this one movie theater we have, must be pretty cool. I also didn't fix his spelling. This is a scientist with a big out-of-state degree and I would never mess with that.

If you also think Boise sucks, message me. Maybe this can be an ongoing love or hate relationship between us!

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