I'm working on something completely different when I saw this recent article posted by KTVB regarding vaccinations this weekend in Meridian.

Saint Alphonsus opened up a special vaccination location at the Village in Meridian where the old Gordman's was located. This weekend they open the doors for Idahoans available for a vaccine.

I'm not sure if you're aware because it's still somewhat confusing about vaccinations for COVID-19. I can tell you I just spoke with Mallory who comes on right before me as you stood for an hour waiting before being turned away. She was so frustrated

It's also easy to just forget about it because maybe it's just too confusing to you. So many people have important choices with children, school, and the 3 jobs to pay the bills. It's just understandable that it just hasn't worked out for you. Saint Alphonsus was to give you that opportunity on Saturday from 7 AM to 4 PM for a free vaccine.

If you have not already received a vaccine, this is your opportunity to receive the first dose of Pfizer. You must be legally Idahoan 16 years and up to receive the first dose of the vaccine. If you have any questions regarding vaccine dosage you can click here.

According to KTVB and a Twitter post from Saint Alphonsus, minors must have signed consent. They will also be running a mobile vaccine unit to ensure everyone has to option to the vaccine. This is just another way to give Idahoans the opportunity to get vaccinated as we see cases spike.

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