It's described as "The toughest race in the Northwest." Now it'll have to come with a disclaimer adding " long as you're vaccinated."

News came out today that anyone running Boise's notorious half-marathon Race To Robie Creek this year will absolutely need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to participate. Director Mike Devitt elaborates:

We want to put a real race on again. Our number one concern from the get-go is: How do we put on the safest race for all our participants and volunteers? And how do we make it that special Robie experience?

Before we all get mad at the folks behind the race, it'll help to know the actual reason they're enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine policy. Boise requires any event with 250 guests or more to require proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test. Being that Race To Robie Creek brings in more than 2,000 runners every year, and obviously, that bypasses the small 250-person limit.

Some runners are applauding the race for keeping things safe, while others are obviously irate about the news. One runner wrote this on Facebook:

I was excited to be able to try this race again this year or in the future, but since you require the vaccine instead of letting me make my own personal health choices, I will give my money to another organization.

If you're interested in running the Race To Robie Creek this year, you can get more information here. Just make sure you do indeed have proof of your vaccination status.

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