Rod Stewart was set to bring the house down at The Ford Idaho Center tomorrow night, October 24th but things have changed in a hurry.  The concert has been canceled and plans to reschedule are currently TOP PRIORITY for one of the most legendary artists visiting our Treasure Valley this year.

The official report on Rod Stewart is that he has a fractured foot and he was forced to back down and focus on recovery for the time being.  According to the Ford Idaho Center Facebook page, Stewart fractured his foot while playing football with his two sons early this month and had been ordered by his doctors to keep weight off his foot and wear a cast/boot until it healed. Defying his doctor’s advice, Stewart told fans “the show must go on” and performed in St. Paul, Kansas City, and Santa Barbara last week causing additional swelling and stress to the fracture. THANKS A LOT, KANSAS CITY & SANTA BARBARA!

Rod Stewart said...

I’m especially disappointed that I’m sidelined for the Boise show. I’d looked forward to this one since April and apologize to the fans for missing it. It’s time I listen to my doctor, and my foot, and stay off it.

A lot of people are freaking out wondering where this leaves them.  When is he coming back?  Are my tickets good?  What's going on?

Here's what was stated on the Ford Idaho Center Facebook Page... Ticket refunds will be available from the original point of purchase. Tickets purchased at IC Tickets will automatically be refunded. For questions call 208-442-3232.

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