Editors Note: On Wednesday, February 24th, Kekeluv published stating that he recently became aware of a business, named Puppyland, in Meridian, Idaho. This article, in which Kekeluv spoke with and quoted statements made by an employee of Puppyland, was in no way in promotional nature. Puppyland, nor any businesses associated with Puppyland are current or prior clients of MIX 106.

Yesterday, I wrote a story sharing that I learned about a business I had never heard of called Puppyland. Last year, my family lost our dog, and I was excited to learn about a place to get a new member of our family.

Hundreds of comments and emails later, I have to be honest, I've had a change of heart.

Regardless of the legality or business ethics, I've become very aware of the importance of and the plethora of local opportunities for adoption and rescue of animals.

The more I thought, and absorbed your commentary, I realized how much more in alignment with my personal values adoption is. Adoption, and rescue, can be a crucial part of teaching a young family the values of being kind and welcoming to those that may not have the same fortune as us.

While we may not get our new pup for some time, I wanted to share some of the great places right here, close to home, where we'll be looking to see if we can find a good fit.






If you have any suggestions, I would love to get more information. We all have a lot to learn, and I appreciate our community informing me of what all of the different opportunities that are available.

Also, thank you to those who work and volunteer in the rescues, and adoption sites. Your selfless work puts a lifetime of smiles on the faces of canines and their human companions alike.

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