When you really want to vent some frustration, "Fiddlesticks!" probably doesn't cut it.

Actually, my grandma used to use that one and then she would crack herself up and start laughing, and whatever it was that had upset her was long gone.  So I guess it worked.

The Huffington Post put out a list of 17 Old-Timey Swear Words That Are Anything But Offensive Today. Some of them are pretty classic.

The Huff Post asked its Facebook fans which swear words used to be off limits but aren't offense anymore, and here are some that they came up with:

  • Doggone it!
  • Shoot
  • Holy moly
  • Dadgummit
  • Heavens to Betsy
  • Bull corn
  • Drats

Bull corn? Really?

My grandma also used to say, "Oh murder!" when she got ticked off, which seems unnecessarily violent, but then she would giggle and it became Grandma's cute little way of killing moments that offended her, like when people who couldn't burp loudly enough, or tried to burp and failed.

She was one-of-a-kind.

What would you add to the list?