Only two out of every 100 people have red hair. But this weekend you'll be seeing 100% R.E.D.

Whether you look at it as beautiful, different, weird, or rare, redheads are here and they're proud of it. While some would say that gingers have no souls, this event is full of all kinds of redheaded people from all walks of life!

This Friday, June 8th, the Old Idaho State Penitentiary is hosting Gingerfest V. Yes, this is the fifth year this event is taking place, where folks in the Treasure Valley celebrate all things ginger. There's live music, contests and prizes, and even a "Best-Ginger" contest. What constitutes one being the "best-ginger?" We truly do not know, but we're pretty sure it does involve having a soul, and whipping those fiery locks around in a blaze of glory.

For more info on tickets for Gingerfest V, get more info right here.



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