Searching for a new family pet can be a special experience for the whole family. If your kids are constantly begging you for one and you're family is ready to finally add a furry friend to the bunch, then why not document the whole experience in a new reality series! Nomadica Films and The Dodo are looking to feature families from Boise, Idaho that are ready to open their hearts and home to a canine in need.

With the help of child animal advocate Roman McConn, families will find their perfect pup in a new animal rescue show. The network is looking to cast real families with kids ages 6-14. This is a non-paid role for families but hey, you'll be featured on TV!

You've probably seen content from The Dodo pop up at least once or twice before on your social media feed. They're the #1 animal brand on social media and they're partnering with a "major network" to create a brand new family animal rescue series to showcase the honest, unexpected, authentic, and unrepeatable moments of rescuing dogs in need of a forever home.

The show is intended to be dynamic, heartfelt, and at times laugh-out-loud funny so if you think you're family qualifies, Nomadica Films wants to hear from you. Sign up here for a chance to be cast. On the application tell producers about your family, why your kids are ready to rescue a furry friend, and why your home would make for a safe haven for a dog.

You'll also be asked to upload a recent photo of your family along with a 2-minute video of your kids making their case for why they would make a great dog owner and why they have always dreamed of rescuing a dog. Families have until September 10th to submit their materials.

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