As if the current election status isn't already driving up the rate in our anxiety meter. We've continued to get more things somehow tossed in our direction to try and evaluate.

An Idaho medical group is calling on Governor Brad Little to make masks mandatory across the entire state. This comes as our country continues to spike and break new coronavirus numbers. Idaho is one of those states.

There is no doubt that stress is at an all-time high in the Treasure Valley. We're currently dealing with a coronavirus that sees breaking records in cases, we're dealing with revenues in our local businesses losing their dreams, employment taking a hit and we still don't know who the President of the United States is going to be.

We saw what happened in the beginning stages of the coronavirus as hospitals just ran out of room for patients. Watching this play out in real-time was devastating. We got to witness families fight against law enforcement and local businesses fight with customers. The mask issue is a definite hot button and politics hasn't helped. The Idaho Disaster Medical Advisory Committee has called on Gov. Little to require Idahoans to wear masks statewide. That's a statewide mandate. This is the scary warning sign we hoped wouldn't come to play.

Unfortunately, our systems are being overwhelmed. We would suggest that we are at, or rapidly approaching these trigger points statewide. We therefore are writing to implore you to help us avoid a full statewide crisis and require a statewide mask mandate.

This comes directly from the committee. Cases are rising in alarming numbers and this is a big red flag. We just moved back to stage 3 across the nation before Halloween. These cases are rising and now the hospitals are asking for help. Keep an eye out for this because it won't take long before something goes into play.

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Masks could be mandatory very soon in my opinion if things continue to escalate. I'll keep you posted and I'm sure this will come in form of a Governor's statewide broadcast. The Idaho Statesman is breaking this news. You can get more from Jacob Scholl at the Idaho Statesman below.

Stay tuned. Be safe.

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