Lil Wayne performed last night at Revolution Concert House in Garden City. Well, he started to perform. At $65 a ticket, fans were very upset when he cut his set short and walked off stage!

According to multiple news outlets, including KBOI, someone in the crowd threw a full drink to the stage which landed on him in the middle of a song. Lil Wayne immediately stopped the song, called out his security, which he called his "goons", and told them to throw the drink back out at the crowd.

Watch the whole thing go down in the video below:

This isn't the first time that Lil Wayne has had a rough time in Idaho. In 2007 he was arrested after a show by local police acting on a felony warrant issued out of Atlanta. It was issued after he failed to show up for two court hearings after a marijuana possession charge.

Were you there last night? Tell us what you saw?

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