It's that time of year again. We get to stab pumpkins for fun and call it decorations. Yes, I'm talking about pumpkin carving. And it's one of my favorite things about Halloween.

First a fun fact, did you know a pumpkin is not vegetable. It's actually a FRUIT! I had no idea, seriously thought it was a vegetable.

Anyway, every year except last year I have carved a pumpkin. This year I wanted to make sure missing out didn't happen again. I made invitations, below is just the top of it. I didn't want to show the rest of it cause not only does it have my address it has some curse words.

Stephanie Kay Photo

Next, I figured out the friends of mine that would think this is fun and want to join in.

Then I got some awesome stencils, and thanks to Pinterest this part was super easy. And I got a little carried away. Seriously I have about forty; Classic Disney, video games, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, & even Gremlins. I think I'm set there.

Now all I have to do is buy pumpkins and wait for the RSVP's to roll in and decide whether or not to make some fun Halloween themed food.

Hope I've inspired your Holiday. :-)

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