This can't be right because this is the Summer we splash with our friends, right? You won't be able to this Summer if you're living in Caldwell.

In a press release that just came across from the City of Caldwell, we're getting bad Summer news if you really want to hit the pool this year and it's not a COVID-19 issue which makes it less painful.

The City of Caldwell just made this announcement,

The Caldwell Municipal Pool will be closed for the duration of 2021. During a routine safety inspection, an electrical problem was discovered which would require a costly repair. After thorough investigation, Caldwell city of officials has determined that the most prudent course of action is to invest what would have been spent preparing the issue into the new pool, which aw originally slated to begin construction this year.

This is somewhat like deciding not to fix up your old home because it would just cost too much. Instead, just wait until next year to build a brand new house. In the meantime, you'll just have to deal with it. I'm not sure if that analogy will make your kids feel any better, but Caldwell is getting a new pool and construction should be finished by Spring 2022.

The city of Caldwell also announced that if you already paid for pool reservations this Summer, full refunds will be issued.

Yes, this does suck for the kids this Summer. There is good news with all the opening pool announcements this Summer. We also have dates on Roaring Springs openings as well so there is plenty of splashing to go around this Summer.

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