One of the country's most Conservative champions has endorsed Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin for governor. She is currently running against Idaho Governor Brad Little in the May Republican primary. The lieutenant governor has received the endorsement of President Donald Trump. The national media have covered her Conservative stance against several liberal issues, including Tucker Carlson of Fox News.  

Janice McGeachin Calls Out the Left in Idaho

A look at how Janice McGeachin is fighting back against the liberals in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

Dr. Allan Keyes, who has battled the liberals for years, has issued a release detailing his endorsement of Lt. Gov. McGeachin.  

"I am endorsing Janice McGeachin to be the next Governor of Idaho. Janice is a committed supporter of the right to life, steadfastly defending the unborn. She is a warrior for freedom, and she is the true fighter Idahoans need right now in their battle to restore individual liberty to the people.

Janice will work to safeguard the integrity of our elections and to reduce the unfair taxes being imposed on Idahoans. She will continue to fight for school choice and work to make sure parents are supported in their efforts to choose how and where their children are educated. Janice will always be a voice for the forgotten; she will always stand up for conservative principles and ensure that the people of Idaho are represented at the highest level of state government."

Keyes has run for president, US Senate and is a former ambassador. The Idaho Republican Party Primary is May 17th. The governor's race is one of the most highly covered races in the country. We are in the campaign's final weeks, so we should see more high-profile endorsements.   

Janice McGeachin Campaigns for Idaho Governor

Idaho's Conservative Liuetenant Governor Janice McGeachin tours the state of Idaho battling the Libs.

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Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

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