Ever wonder if there was a way you could get a drug-sniffing dog to do a little investigating in your home? Or maybe if the school where your kids attended had one it would make you feel more comfortable? Well, now thanks to a new business in the Treasure Valley, you have the opportunity to hire these professional pups to come in to your home or business and sniff out the drugs.

According to KTVB, Johanna Kratt and Thomas Schoder have been training dogs for police departments for over 30 years. And throughout their careers, they would get requests to do private drug searches for concerned parents. That's where the idea for  K9 Drug Dog Detective Service was born. According to KTVB, the handlers will take the dogs into a home, business, or school, and they'll then search for four drugs marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and heroin. when and if they find anything, they never contact the police. They say the parents or administrators dispose of them as they see fit, but are encouraged to call authorities so they're disposed of properly.



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