News headlines in Boise could've been very different earlier this summer. Life itself could have been very different if it weren't for a Boise Police officer who stopped a speeding driver in downtown Boise on the morning of August 12th.

According to reports, the driver pulled over near 13th Avenue and Myrtle Street was "visibly distressed." The officer questioned the man's reasoning for speeding and asked if there was an emergency.

"The driver was clearly distraught and making some concerning remarks," Boise Police told CBS2. "The officer asked the man if he had any weapons in his car and the man said he had a firearm with him."

Officers searched the vehicle and ended up finding "multiple guns and ammunition." After that there was an investigation involving several agencies. Boise Police concluded that there was evidence this man "may have been planning a mass shooting at a local federal office." The suspect was later taken into custody of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare where "he was no further threat to the public."

The Boise police officer remains anonymous. However his duty does not go unnoticed as he has been awarded a Chief's Commendation for his "acute observations and discerning assessment," according to CBS2.

August 12th was just one day after I arrived in Boise after moving from Indiana. While researching the area, ironically, one of the first things I learned was about Idaho's low crime rate. If the event that what the police department believed may have happened actually happened, I honestly might have turned around and went home. Thank goodness there was no mass shooting that would've harmed our community in more than one way.

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