Oh Snowpocalypse, how much damage you did. From messing with the river banks along the Boise River to home damage due to flooding, we can go on and on. One of the most noticeable victims of snowpocalypse was Plantation Island Greenbelt Bridge over the Boise River that connects the Boise Greenbelt to the Garden City Greenbelt.

According to KTVB, the massive amount of water caused the river to rise to 9,000 cubic feet per second. The increase in water flow damaged the foundation of the steel bridge. In order to save the bridge, it was removed by crane in April of 2017.

Finally, after two years of fundraising, there is enough money to be able to not only put the bridge back in its original spot but to upgrade it as well. The bridge has been used by pedestrians and bicyclists for years to get from one greenbelt to the other, and it looks like they'll soon be able to use it again come April.

According to KTVB, the Idaho Foundation for Parks has raised the necessary funds to cover the project which is estimated to cost $200,000. The funds came from over 170 private donors and partners. Along with putting the bridge back in place, they'll also be working on restoring the bike path in the area!

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