I cannot believe the text message I received this morning, it was from Piggy Pigs Pottery in Meridian. They were informing their customers that their store will be closing permanently as of Friday, July 6th. The only reason I got the text is because last week my wife and I visited the pottery store to get creative during one of our date nights.

It's really unfortunate that they are closing as being creative in pottery is so much fun. I will admit the first time my wife suggested that we try it, I was not too excited about it but upon arrival it was much better than I had expected. I feel like I have zero ability when it comes to drawing or painting, but there are plenty of other things you can do to make your piece creative.

One time I made a chip and dip plate and basically just blew paint bubbles onto the piece of pottery I was designing, so simple and fun. If you've never visited a little pottery studio I highly suggest it, although your time to visit Piggy Pigs Pottery is almost done.

If you have pieces of pottery that need to be picked up from Piggy Pigs Pottery and you cannot make it before they close the doors on July 6th, they will be taken to Ceramica in Boise. You are welcome to call them to verify pickup at 208-342-3822.

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