I just heard this quote twice in:60 seconds, "Because nobody puts in a corner." Well, Baby is coming back to star in the sequel of Dirty Dancing. Yes, there is another sequel.

Do you remember, "Havana Nights" which was the other sequel? I just got into a hallway argument with our Marketing Director about this movie. She loved it and I'm wondering how can you make a sequel without the stars of the original?

Well, she quickly pointed out that Patrick Swayze was in the second film and I had to google it right away.

The studio CEO Jon Feithemer has confirmed, "one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood." This is a go and you expect the original Baby, Jennifer Grey, to headline. Unfortunately, Patrick Swayze lost his battle to pancreatic cancer back in 2009.

Grey will also be an executive producer on this sequel or third installment. We'll keep you up to date on when this comes out and who else would be involved. The real question becomes if we'll see it in a Boise theater or a Nampa drive-in theater. Could we be in a different world by the time it comes out like what Disney is doing with Mulan. Disney won't be able to release in theaters and will make it available on Disney+ for $30 to rent.


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