For decades, Oregon and New Jersey were the only two states where people didn’t have to pump their own gas.

But, a new law in Oregon that took effect this week now lets people pump their own gas, and some people are freaking out.

Social media was flooded with posts from Oregonians expressing their concerns over the new law. One woman said, she doesn’t even know HOW to pump gas and she is 62 years old…she also added, she doesn’t want to smell like gasoline.

Other people jumped on board to make fun of those people who were against the new law. Like this guy...

I have to admit, I lived just outside of Portland for a few years and not having to pump my own gas was a nice perk. Especially in cold or rainy weather, or if I was sick or in a hurry. It will definitely be a big change for native Oregonians who have never had to do it for themselves.

What do you think? Would you like a law that requires someone else to pump your gas? If you could create a law that requires someone else to do something for you, what would it be?


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