It seems like everywhere we go we are surrounded by negativity, whether it's turning on the television or scrolling through social media. That's why when I saw a post recently about two Boise Police officers doing something so kind, I knew I had to spread the word about it.

The incident took place on Saturday, July 13th near the Cabela's store in Boise. The post was made by Marcus Johnson and it included a caption describing what him and his son witnessed.

He did a great job describing the conditions because it was a scorching 95-degrees when this lady had her front drivers side tire go flat. In that situation, driving on a flat is a horrible idea. It needed to be changed immediately.

That's when the two officers came up from behind making sure she was safe and helped get the tire changed as quickly as possible. They could have sat in their patrol car, but they decided to go above and beyond to help the citizens of our community.

It was a tremendous gesture and one that should be recognized. We are very lucky to live in an area where our law enforcement is so helpful. Thanks Boise Police Department!

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