The Father of Misfortune

If cluelessness is the mother of invention, forgetfulness must be the father of misfortune!

Photo by // Canva
Photo by // Canva

When it comes to homeownership, there are dozens of responsibilities to account for! According to Better Homes and Gardens, the homeowner's definitive guide to caring for their property, key home maintenance includes:

  • Exterior maintenance such as sprinkler system management and seasonal blowouts; cleaning out downspouts and gutters; and power washing washing windows, siding, and concrete
  • Interior maintenance such as heating and cooling system management, plumbing, and electricity

Do This Before First Frost

As Idaho braces for the cold winter months, one of the most important things you can do is close your crawl space vents. That's right. One of the single-most important things you can do to protect your home is also one of the easiest.

To prevent moisture build-up, mold, and dry rot, homeowners should close or seal their crawl space vents before winter's first frost. If your region isn't snow prone, the Clever Homeowner encourages folks to shut their vents once the weather dips down to 40 degrees.

TCH instructs folks to reopen their crawl space vents when the weather reaches 70 degrees.

What Do Crawl Space Vents Do?

The Clever Homeowner makes understanding vent maintenance simple. Crawl space vents provide ventilation to a home's foundation. Effective ventilation promotes the circulation of fresh air underneath a home.

In addition to air circulation, the metal vents are designed to keep rodents and critters out of your crawl space. Check out our list of important reasons to protect your foundation below!

Benefits of Closing Your Crawl Space

  • Improved air quality within the home
  • Heating and cooling cost savings
  • Mold and wood rot prevention
  • Protects wood floors from warping
  • Makes for warmer floors during winter

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