Is it illegal to feed ducks and geese in Idaho?

Yup. And even though it's a bummer, there's good reason for it. From little kids tossing bits of bread into local ponds, to full-grown adults who walk around with a bag of popcorn to feed the friendly birds on their morning stroll, all of it can harm Boise Aves.

Why is it dangerous to feed wild birds?

Duckling malnutrition happens when ducks are frequently overfed by well-meaning people. The more our warm-blooded winged vertebrae friends depend on humans for food, the less likely they are to develop life-sustaining foraging skills.

Foods such as bread, popcorn, crackers, and cookies are satiating in the moment, but provide no nutritional value to birds.

If you care about ducks and geese, do not feed them. They can live longer, healthier lives by relying on natural food sources such as aquatic plants, seeds, grasses, and insects rather than taking handouts from will-meaning humans.

-City of Sugar Land


Feeding wild birds has caused problems in the Boise area. 

Idaho Fish & Game along with Boise Parks & Rec banned locals from feeding waterfowl and wild birds in 2022. While both groups were concerned with bird health, public health was also factored into the equation.

According to Medical News Today, birds carry up 60 different diseases at one time. While the Centers for Disease Control say it's uncommon for birds to infect people, it can pose a significant threat to human health when it happens.

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