Acai smoothie bowls have been a main part of my of diet ever since I discovered them years ago in college. The creation possibilities of smoothie bowls are endless! In addition to being fun to whip up, they're also super yummy and can be really nutritious. As someone with a sweet tooth, smoothie bowls can usually satisfy most of my cravings which is also a plus! What's not to love?

Smoothie bowls are really easy to make from home but recently I've been exploring local options here in the Treasure Valley. So far I've only found a few places with "acai smoothie bowls" on their menus. I plan to update this post as my search continues but I'll start by sharing my thoughts on the first couple of places I've tried.

Rush Bowls

  • What I ordered: Lemon Squeeze Bowl (w/ peanut butter topping)
  • Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Thoughts: I was going to go between this or the Summit Bowl. I was craving peanut butter topping so I tried to decide on a bowl that would taste great with this add-on. The bowl itself was full of yummy flavor and a bit on the sweet side because of the lemonade

Clean Juice

  • What I ordered: The Nutty Bowl
  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Thoughts: Again, I was craving peanut butter in my bowl and they Nutty Bowl was speaking to me. The toppings on this acai bowl were superior including granola, strawberries, and a banana. The smoothie mixture itself was definitely nutty while I was hoping for just a tad bit more fruity flavor. Personally I would've thrown in some additional strawberries or even raspberries.


Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park


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