I think I may have messed up when I intervened in the Santa-child relationship last week.  Take my advice, and don't do this!

The kids have had a Mickey Mouse toy for a long time, and it stopped working recently. It used to dance and sing and almost moonwalk, and now it does nothing.  Mickey just sits there.  I'm not sure if water got into his essential electronic parts and shorted them out, or what, but the girls want him to dance and he won't.  I've tinkered with him and added new batteries, and nothing works.

The girls kept begging me to fix him even though I had tried many times and felt like I had exhausted my options and abilities.  Since they wouldn't drop it, one day I suggested that maybe they should see if Santa could take Mickey back to the North Pole to fix him at his workshop.  After all, he seemed more capable than Mama, and since his area of expertise was toys and had elves at his disposal, maybe he would have better luck at getting Mickey to work.

Crap! What in the world was I thinking?!  Before I knew it the words were out, and it was too late to shove them back in my mouth.  This cockamamie idea of mine puts way too much pressure on Santa, and I'm not even sure if Santa is the kind of miracle worker that can bring dead toys back to life.  Of course, the girls thought it was a genius idea and got super excited, and they wrote a note to Santa on Christmas Eve asking him to "please take Mickey and fix him."  He took him.

Christmas morning Mickey was gone, and Santa had written a note back saying, "Thank you.  I will take Mickey to the North Pole and see if the elves can help.  Mickey is old and I'm not sure if we have the parts.  I will let you know.  Merry Christmas, SANTA."  At least we have Santa's autograph now.

So now we wait.  The girls miss Mickey because he's gone, and we're left wondering what's next.  Will Santa fix Mickey and bring him back?  Will he discover that Mickey isn't fixable and bring a new dancing Mickey in his place?  Do they still make dancing Mickeys?  Will Santa just give up and bring back the same ole broken Mickey and disappoint three little girls?  Who knows!  But this I am certain of.  Parents should keep their mouths shut sometimes.

Know any good elves?  Please send them to me.

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